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Hello. My name is Seshu and I straddle two cultures; American and East Indian. My wedding photography blends the modern and the classical features of any wedding as only a documentary photographer would. My approach is about honestly recording the organic moments unfolding before my eyes; moments that I know my clients will cherish for the rest of their lives. As a photojournalist, I am trained to anticipate and unobtrusively capture moments filled with real emotion.

Having lived in a variety of cultures, including India, Japan and America, I am genuinely interested in the cultural fabric that defines people and respectful of their shared history. I consider weddings the sanctification and the celebration of two families. I have come to specialize in photographing Indian and multi-ethnic weddings around the world because I know the cultural significance of the ceremonies and, given that no two weddings are ever the same, they simply get my creative juices flowing.

Seshu lives in Connecticut with his wife and two sons!