A Closer Look at Founding Member, McLellan Studio.

Sean and Melanie of McLellan Studio, Franklin Tennessee.

Looking Back.

Sean and Melanie McLellan, the husband and wife team of McLellan Studio, both come from artistic backgrounds. Sean was a graphic designer for nearly 10 years, and Melanie studied Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. Melanie loved painting portraits but was unsure about making it a career. Sean enjoyed graphic design but wanted more creative freedom in his work.

The McLellans had been hobbyist photographers until they discovered wedding photography. Once they pursued it, they quickly found themselves with a busy schedule in addition to their full-time jobs. By the end of 2005, they both decided to quit their day jobs and dive headfirst into their photography business.

"Since then," says Sean, "we've spent nearly every waking moment on our business." With such determination, they've shot to the top of their market in an incredibly short period of time. Their business is located in Tennessee, but they often travel to the surrounding states. They also shoot destination weddings.

Defining their Style.

The McLellans shoot with Canon equipment. They each carry two cameras at all times. Sean's favorite lens is the 45mm TS-E. Mel prefers the 24-70 2.8L.

"Our work is very much an extension of ourselves and our personalities," says Sean, "We photograph what we love, and we orient our work around having fun and creating a relaxed environment. We don't limit our style to buzz-words or other overly-claimed categories."

"We are very laid back and casual people," adds Melanie, "so we approach our subjects in such a way. We want everyone we photograph to have a blast during their session. We want to break free of the typical predictable portrait style and create imagery that tells the viewer something about our subjects in a beautiful, fun way."

Staying Focused.

Sean and Melanie love everything about wedding photography. Not only do they enjoy working together, they love meeting new people and sharing in the happiest day of their lives.

According to Sean, "The most rewarding part is when we show our completely personalized presentation to the couple for the first time. It is a wonderful thing to create something, especially when a couple is so ecstatic about what you've done for them. It's a feeling and connection I can't even describe."

Sean and Melanie admire the work of a number of other wedding photographers; Dave and Quin Cheung of DQ Studios and Jesh de Rox to name a few. They also appreciate the work of historical photography masters like Etienne Carjat, Alfred Stieglitz, Margaret Bourke-White, Dorothea Lange, and Oscar Gustav Rejlander.

"Also, we love the Digital Wedding Forum," Melanie states, "It's probably the best business investment we've ever made and has made a tremendous difference in our success."

"We're also excited about Wedding Party," says Melanie, "It's a great concept for both vendors and brides. We're drawn to its simplicity and what promises to be a user-friendly organization. We're very happy to be part of it."

Moving Forward.

Now Sean and Melanie are looking to work in tandem with other photographers to propel the market to new levels. Recognizing that the wedding photography industry in their area wasn't living up to its full potential, they joined with other area photographers to form a network that meets on a regular basis.

"We're also working on ways to teach photographers in other parts of the country to duplicate the same success we're having here," says Melanie, "In fact, if anyone is interested in this, they should get in touch with us." The McLellans would love to help others with similar talents duplicate the business success that they've had so quickly.

If you'd like to follow-up on Sean and Melanie's work moving forward, please visit the McLellan Studio Blog.