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In his previous life, Joey Puloné spent 12 years as an art director and graphic designer. After a lifetime of passion for photography, Joey finally couldn’t quiet the voice inside his heart. With his creative talents, people skills, and passion, he launched his career into photography and photojournalism 3 years ago.

What really sets Joey apart is his relaxed, cheeky style, and his ability to connect with people. A skill grown out of necessity living in many different towns while growing up all over California and Virginia in his youth. This innate curiosity and compassion for people is what sets the foundation of trust upon which easy and playful photos grow.

With Joey you’re guaranteed to feel the freedom to be yourself. He always finds a way to help everyone loosen-up. Besides the light direction Joey gives while creating portraits, the rest of the day you’ll forget he’s even around, and that’s when the good story-telling-stuff happens and is captured forever!

Think of Joey as your own personal “Cool Hand Luke” that handles every situation with grace and gusto. So even if your “Aunt Betty” or “Uncle Frank” is a little out-of-sorts on your wedding day, Joey still creates amazing images and remains focused on you…all while wearing a huge, contagious smile.

When Joey’s not running around making photographs of super-cool couples, you’ll find him running around making photographs of his too-hot-for-school wife and 3 little whoppers.