A Closer Look at Founding Member, Jared Wilson Photography.

Looking Back.

Jared Wilson of Denver, Colorado has a passion for photography. "Ever since I can remember, I've loved photography," says Jared. Growing up, he used to play around with his father's old SLR camera, and was excited when, 4 years ago, Canon released the first sub-$1000 digital SLR. He bought one immediately. Since then he has upgraded bodies and lenses and turned his hobby into a business.

Defining His Style.

Jared's business, Jared Wilson Photography, focuses mainly on capturing weddings, though he shoots family, children, and senior portraits as well. "I also do some fine art stuff too, but that's just more of an outlet for me to be ultra creative and alone, when I need to be."

Jared thinks of himself as a storyteller and believes that his best photos are the ones that tell a great story. He is excited to play the role of documenting the moments of the wedding day as they unfold. You are most likely to find him shooting with his Canon 1d Mk II n and his 85 1.2 lens.

Finding Inspiration.

To keep updated, Jared subscribes to a number of photography blogs. His favorite is Jasmine Star's blog. He is also interested in the work of Jessica Claire, Becker, and Mark Cafiero. His number one inspiration, however, is his 5 year old daughter. "She takes the best photos!" he says, "I just love seeing the world from her perspective!"

He also finds inspiration from God. Before moving into the photography field, Jared was an Arts Pastor for 6 years and has a degree in Church Ministry. "I'm still very involved with my church, but very much enjoying working for myself as a photographer."

Moving Forward.

In the upcoming months, Jared has plans to upgrade his blog. "I can't tell you how many people have told me that they hired me because of my blog," he says. With that in mind, he is excited to make his blog even better.

Jared is also looking forward to getting his own studio to meet with clients. "Having a great studio to meet in and shoot at would be fantastic," says Jared. He also plans to display his work in a coffee table book he is creating with his father. "The book will feature my photography and my father's writing. He's super smart and has a way with words. I think it will turn out great," he says.

As Founding Member number 113, Jared is the lucky winner of a $1,000 scholarship from Wedding Party to attend a photography seminar/conference of his choice. "It was very exciting to win! What a great surprise," says Jared, "I'll probably choose the Anti-Workshop or the Party of 5 Workshop, but haven't decided just yet."

Jared is excited to be a member of Wedding Party. "I really love the clean design of and it has been cool to watch it move from concept to beta. I'm looking forward to seeing it continue to grow!"