The Mexican Sun  APR 04 11

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While snow was falling on their home in Denver, Colorado, Shayna and Josh were celebrating their wedding in Tulum, Mexico surrounded by family and friends - underneath the warm, Mexican sun with white sand between their toes. If you listen close you'll hear steel drums and the crashing of waves.


Shayna and Josh spent the week with their friends and family at La Zebra. As my cab driver pointed out - the reception desk is on the sand!

Shayna and Josh have the most beautiful twin girls! Here's one of them getting a bath before the ceremony. I think she has me totally figured out.

With a ceremony at sunset, Shayna and Josh wisely chose a first look on the beach beforehand.


What a way to kick off a wedding - on top of the rocks in sunny Tulum as the waves are crashing, crashing, crashing below. Incredible!



We had a flyby...



While doing family portraits before the ceremony I caught one of their girls playing in the sand.

And then we strolled a few minutes down the beach on our way to the ceremony site.



Shayna and Josh held their wedding at the Akiin Beach Club just a few minutes from La Zebra. The did a fantastic job with all of the details and performed a shortened version of a traditional Mayan Wedding Ceremony.




If one of Josh's friends hadn't waved them away, I'm quite certain this couple would've watched the entire event from here. :)



How romantic. Simultaneously throwing single red roses into the ocean together.

How hilarious. Said roses are instantaneously obliterated and thrown back by a strong gust of wind.




Birds of paradise, oranges, limes, and papayas.


Akiin had beds on the sand for lounging during the reception. The girls were having fun playing on them and Mom and Dad joined in.

And then it was time to celebrate!


Congratulations Shayna and Josh. What a weekend to remember!