Go Team!  DEC 20 10

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I had a great time with Ashley and Bryan hanging out on the basketball court for the New Orleans Hornets. Bryan works for the Hornets so including the court in the images was fun. We grabbed a few shots and then headed over to City Park for some sunset images in the park and the Sculpture Garden.



MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-01  MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-03 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-04 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-05 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-06 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-07 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-08 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-09 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-10 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-11 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-12 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-13 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-14 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-15 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-16 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-17 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-18 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-19 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-20 MQ_Photograph_Adams_Ross-21