Dove Release  OCT 25 10

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After the ceremony they did a Dove Release out in the courtyard of the cathedral. I told my assistant to go with the 'safe shot' (on the left) while I set up for something a bit on the artistic side (on the right).


When I 'google mapped' Shiny's address to see where I would be meeting her for the 'getting ready' photos, I was surprised that she lived just across the street and a couple of blocks north from my home! So it was super nice to wake up and start my day 'just around the corner' with some photos of Shiny and her family as they prepared for the wedding day.

I thought the bows on her shoes were so cute! (But later in the day she was telling her friends to not go with Paris Hilton shoes for their wedding day - her feet were killing her!)

Here are Shiny and Noble as they made their final touches before heading to the wedding.

This was my first wedding at the Denver Cathedral. Wow! It is a stunning place. And I always love shooting in brand new places - it's a big time motivator for me!

My second photographer for the day was Nicole. She got this image of Shiny and her father right as they came through the doors to walk down the aisle.

This moment right after they hugged and he gave her away is so moving.






After the ceremony and Dove Release we went downtown around the Denver Art Museum for a few photos (I posted some here, including this one.)

And after that - another first for me! A wedding reception at the Denver Cable Center. Super modern and super awesome!


I loved the 'look' of their reception - and the entertainment was out of this world. They had aerialists spinning around and Cirque du soleil like creatures walking around during the cocktail hour. Totally unique!

I guess Shiny and Noble were up late the night before making sure they had their dance moves down. Looked good to me!

Oh, and did I mention breakdancers!!



A big Congrats to...

What a fun wedding! I'm seriously hoping we bump into each other frequently at the local grocery store or gas station. You know it's got to happen!