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Oh boy! Rupa and Jay's Indian wedding in Denver was so fun, so joy-filled, and so beautiful.  When I first walked in and saw Rupa getting ready on her wedding day - it just kinda set the tone for everything the rest of the day. SO beautiful!


Rupa and Jay's wedding day was also filled with many events and so they wisely opted for a 'first look' giving us plenty of worry-free time for photos with the two of them and their family.


The ceremony begins with Jay on a horse arriving at the event surrounded by a dancing throng of family and friends.


I love this shot that my 2nd shooter for the day, Shannon, captured as Rupa and the ladies spied on the proceedings from their hotel window.

I have to admit I have no idea what is going on here besides the obvious - but it was one of my favorite 10 minutes of the day, just because of the all-out craziness and FUN of this moment. Jay shows up finally, with his crowd and a decorated egg. Already there are Rupa's sisters, with their crowd and vases on their head...

Next thing you know the crowds converge and it was complete chaos! With talking, shouting, pushing, laughing, singing, shouting, things being smashed in Jay's face, people trying to take his shoes, others trying to protect him... I was getting crushed. I had no room to take photos. But I happened to be standing near a 3 foot hight concrete post at the entrance of the hotel. Not knowing what else to do, I jumped on top of it so now I'm above the sea of people. So fun!!

Everyone proceeded inside after a time and the ceremony began. Rupa's entrance was one of the most dramatic and incredible I've ever witnessed.

Her mom thought so too.

And then there was the ceremony. Wow.




After it was over Rupa's mom squeezed them so tight and so long we all felt her embrace.

Rupa and Jay were then planning to depart for another hotel so they could change clothes and take a break. But Rupa's sisters had other plans. They held the car hostage until someone paid a ransom. They stood in front and were not going to let anyone go anywhere until this man happened to come along and pay up. But it wasn't enough. So he paid more. Still not enough. I think they got $500 each. Now that is a cultural tradition of some sort that I can get behind!

Red and Gold. Royalty.



All I'll say is 'Banana Hammock'.

I love it when I bump into old friends! I shot Nisha (on the left) and Akshay's wedding two years ago. And Veronica and Norvan's (on right) wedding this last June.

Of course there was a show. I always dream that I could jump up and join them but then I remember that I don't have any moves like this!

Party time!

Congrats guys! It was so very, very special to be a part of everything. Thank you.