Field of Flowers  AUG 30 10

from Jennifer Bowen Photography : site | blog

I met up with Elizabeth and Matthew a week ago at Mount Lemmon in Tucson for their engagement session. Elizabeth had several ideas for her shoot, including going to the top of the ski resort there, which I loved because above all I want to capture the essence of the couple more than anything. And finding a field of sunflowers at the top is pretty awesome too.


After the ski resort we went to a place where Matt and Elizabeth frequently camp, and the perfect clearing for a picnic. Elizabeth brought everything, the food, drinks, flowers, and more, keeping with the theme that will be at her wedding next spring as well… yellows and whites with blue and green accents. I have no doubt it’s going to be beautiful!

I love this. Her great-great-grandmother’s quilt wrapped around them.

Matthew made this for Elizabeth, and it hangs around her neck every day.

Elizabeth and Matt, thank you for an amazing session and for being you.

PS – Rachel, thank you for making the drive down SO FUN and for your help! I wish we had video’ed more of our adventure, except the part where I closed the hatch on your head! ;-)