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We got progressively more excited about Melissa & Alex’s approaching wedding day. We knew how much thoughtfulness they each put into its preparation. That’s always a great sign there will be lots for us to photograph. High heels, a 1957 Cadillac, beautiful venue decor, and an outstanding view of the Mid-Hudson Valley were some of the visual highlights of the day. But even more inviting than the details and decor was the spirit of remarkably close friendship that was so evident throughout the day. Following a heartwarming ceremony just before sunset, we were able to spend some invaluable time alone with Melissa & Alex for some fashionably romantic portraits. They knocked it out of the park, just like we knew they would!

Melissa reception collage


Melissa prep collage

 Melissa_w327 Melissa ceremony collage Melissa_w356 Melissa_w368 Melissa_w388_350 Melissa_w392milk Melissa_w394