Indian Wedding  AUG 02 10

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Nishma and Punit have been waiting a while for these two days, and we were thrilled to be a part of it. We were with them for their pre-wedding cocktail party on Friday through the end of their reception on Saturday night. We shot a ton, because they kept presenting us with amazing photographic opportunities!


Some might call it coincidence, but I’d like to say it was the universe smiling upon Nishma and Punit when they and their guests were treated to a beautiful firework show. Their cocktail party was on the Hyatt’s patio overlooking the Hudson, where Red Bull and Pepsi Co launched the awesome display.

We love the craziness of the Baraat


Punit saw the cart, and the rest was history…

An homage to the martini we never saw far from our groom’s hand: