Meet Me Halfway  MAR 06 10

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Meet the couple, from Vail Colorado: Kala and Chad!


We started out at the Brown Palace, which not only is an awesome place to get married, but is ALSO the home of my FAV Sunday Brunch’s. They go big and I’m talking about fresh shrimp, omelets made to order, sushi, unlimited champagne…. Yeah. THAT kind of brunch!

Here are a couple detail shots from the hotel, which is full of charm!

Interesting old mail box.

Some details from Kala’s room:

The flowers were incredible, also by the Brown Palace:

Can’t forget the shoes - love it when a bride struts the RED on her wedding day!

The flower girl who respectfully settled for pink as to not show up the bride, but they were still cute!

While the guys usually hang out and enjoy cocktails, the girls all have jobs to do!

For the record…

Kala’s mom was all smiles, all day. Love it. She was so nice.

And her dad who I could tell this was a HUGE day to him, also kept his cool!

I love spying.

Ready to roll!

Just across the street, the historic Trinity Methodist Episcopal church is a dramatic landmark of Denver history. And I LOVE it.

The famous Brown Palace Walkway.

David is getting his game face on.

As is Kala

Trinity then…

And Now…

Chad’s parents are ready!

Kala’s grandmother and her mom

The man of the hour - just a walk in the park!

The flower girls were right on cue. OK this is starting to feel like a wedding!

This church is incredibly dark, but we made it work pretty good I think!

The ladies, staying out of the snow!

Where did that maid of honor go?

We managed to get an outdoor bridal shot of Kala, despite the cold snow!

the men. Sometimes I like the slightly-candid shots the best :)

And a truly candid moment is priceless - Chad and his Brother

Inside the warm Brown Palace, the horsdeuvrres were waiting and they looked amazing.

Some shots from the ballroom

Before the party started, we decided to sneak in a few more shots of the couple:

Father of the bride starts things with a toast…

Love to photograph guests during the toasts!

Chad’s Parents



Chad’s reaction after his brother told the entire room about the time he caught Chad kissing the television screen. I love it.

I REALLY wanted to try that cake! I am sure Kala and Chad would have wanted me, too… but gotta watch my figure. It looks AMAZING

First Dance

Father Daughter dance

Mother-Son dance

And there you have it. I got lots of fun party pics, too. Overall an A+ wedding. I had such a great time, thanks so much for having me and for being so easy to work with. Congrats, Kala and Chad!!

P.S. Here’s what it looked like outside, you can see their church perfectly from the Brown Palace walkway