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After the ceremony we headed down the street to The Phoenix Art Museum where the reception took place. This venue is a photographer's dream location. I was thrilled that Seth ... Rachel had set aside even more time during cocktail hour for us to walk around the museum and take portraits. We had a guard with us who opened up any area we wanted to shoot in and we had free reign! This shoot was unlike any wedding portrait shoot I've done before.





In keeping with the art theme, Victoria brought along some black frames for us to play with:

This colored wall was made completely out of small papers!

These next two shots were taken in a completely pitch black room filled with mirrors. I had to have my assistant set off the flash just so I could lock focus on the couple. The first shot is a crop in of just their reflections and the second one you can see a little more of what was going on.


We had a little fun hanging with our forefathers:

More off-camera flash gorgeousness:


All during the portrait time I kept explaiming "FUN!" after each shot. Couldn't help it. It was.

The reception room was A . MAZ . ING. We were completely surrounded by fun art pieces:

Some fabulous details:

The image of Seth ... Rachel above, along with others like it that decorated the cocktail reception area, were the brain child of Victoria Canada. She worked with the mother-of-the-bride to surprise Seth ... Rachel with them. They were made on and were a super-low-cost way to make Seth ... Rachel into art for the cocktail hour. I LOVE the creativity of this idea!!

And here is a sweet moment during the toasts:

This group had no trouble getting the party started:

I love it when the grandparents even get out on the dance floor!




And finally -- I love this bouquet catching victory celebration moment:

SUCH a great wedding. Thank you Seth ... Rachel for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!!

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