Ballerina Flower Girls  JAN 28 10

from Jennifer Bowen Photography : site | blog

John and Sunny are very, very in love and it was so beautiful to witness all of their passion and warm affection for one-another. This is the second marriage for each of them and they are bringing two families together – Sunny’s 3 daughters and John’s 3 grown sons with their own respective families. They are like a true Brady Bunch! :-)


Here are some favorites from the day:

Loved her fun purple shoes!

One the way down the stairs to their first look/meet. Image by Cristi Owen

I loved their first look

Especially this moment

And this one

After, we headed outside to capture some bride and groom portraits

They love cacti, so we took advantage of the huge saguaro outside of John’s home

Then we headed back for the ceremony to begin

I love this look John’s mother and Sunny shared, who was walked down the aisle by both of her adoring parents. Love it!

John’s amazing view from his backyard

Sunny’s daughter and John sharing a hug after the ceremony

Sunny and her 3 beautiful daughters

John and his handsome sons

The grandchildren & flower girls were dressed up as ballerinas. So sweet.

Love this side angle Cristi captured of their silly face-making

After family portraits, we went back out front to take advantage of the setting sun and the GORGEOUS sunset

A few details from their tent. Good thing they had this heated, because it was freezing out that day! (Well, freezing for Arizona!)

Beautiful sunset shot by Cristi and love the dance shot she got below!

Thank you Sunny and John for sharing your kind and loving spirits. Congratulations to you both!