An Indian Tradition  OCT 22 09

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The wedding was no ordinary Hindu ceremony. Veena's family trace their roots back to Shenkottai, a town bordering Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, in India. As Sankethi, they are Brahmins (the priestly caste) and so one of the most interesting parts of the wedding was the chanting of the "Purusha-suktha" by family and friends.  Find out more about the Sankethi community at the North American Sankethi Association.

Portrait of The Bride: Veena/©Seshu Photography
Veena, The Bride Getting Ready/©Seshu Photography


James, the Groom, a portrait/©Seshu Photography




The Purusha Suktha Being Chanted/©Seshu Photography


The Groom being welcomed by Veena


Veena is ceremoniously carried by her family to meet James at the entrance/©Seshu Photography


James and Veena garland each other/©Seshu Photography


The couple is ushered to the Mandap/©Seshu Photography


The view from where the couple


Profile of the bride and groom as they chant mantras/©Seshu Photography


Veena sits on her father


James adorns Veena with toe rings/©Seshu Photography


Portrait of the couple in front of The Hyatt, in Morristown, New Jersey/©Seshu Photography


The groom




The beautiful cake by Christina Pereira of Design Cakes/©Seshu Photography




Friend of the couple enjoy the reception/©Seshu Photography


Veena and James are surrounded by their dear friends/©Seshu Photography


Veena and James