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One of the great things about being a Denver Wedding Photographer is that I live so close to some of the most spectacular places on earth. One such place is where Jennifer and Tim chose to have their wedding ceremony - The Maroon Bells. This is the most photographed spot in all of Colorado, and for good reason!


Jennifer and Tim got ready for the day at Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado.

Jennifer had a note and a gift for Tim before the ceremony. This is the note. We weren't allowed to see the gift - but it was some sort of photo book. ;)

On the way out of the Hotel with Jennifer I spotted this Chaise Lounge in the corner. SWEETNESS!

Just down the road from the Maroon Bells is the Aspen Chapel. In case of inclement weather the ceremony would've been inside. But the weather was great, and the Aspen Chapel ended up being the perfect spot for a First Look!

Jennifer led everyone in a "Hands In. Go Team" kinda thing. A fun way to start the celebration!



This rose that Jennifer gave to Tim's father had a very special meaning. I shot this photo over his shoulder as he sat in the front row.

How majestic!

OK. I never suggest this photo where the guys hold the bride - just because it's been done so many times before. But these guys had a little twist in mind which made it uniquely theirs - Barefoot. With the Bride. In the water.... Careful boys!!

And then we had a little time for photos of Jennifer and Tim! Now, you two... if it were me, I'd blow all four of these photos up huge and have them on display for the rest of my life - just like this!

Then it was over to Bumps in Aspen for the reception. At twilight we took a few more of the newlyweds.

I heard a rumor that Jennifer put all this together (with a little help from A Funky Little Mountain Flower, I'm sure). Look how all of these fun Colorado details came together!


They'd obviously been practicing!

And here's a sweet one of Jennifer with her father.

At one point Jennifer and Tim disappeared downstairs. I thought to myself 'what goes down must come up', right? And so I waited overhead for them to come back up the stairs. After a few minutes they began their ascent. But then they stopped on the stairs just before rejoining the party and had a quiet moment, just the two of them. Love this one...

And I love this one too!

Congratulations guys! What a joy to celebrate with you in this spectacular place that we call home!

treasure this day forever

Special Note: I'm so happy that Jennifer and Tim were my first participants with my Easter House Weddings project! They are great people and I'm thrilled that Samaritan House is going to benefit from this wedding!

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