Glass Chapel  SEP 22 09

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Last weekend I found myself in the Natural State, Arkansas for a wedding near Hot Springs at Garvan Woodland Gardens. The place was amazing!  The ceremony took place in a glass chapel in the middle of the woods.




I do love when the couple decides to see each other before the ceremony. I seems to make the day go a lot smoother and it's so nice to just get the photos out of the way before the ceremony, that way you can just celebrate with your friends and family afterwards. These guys had a nice first look moment at the historic Arlington Hotel.



Check out this sweet chapel.






I think this is one of my favorites from the day:

Wait... I really like this one too!







Got shrimp?

This was a first for me... moonshine at the wedding. No, I did not try any.


The had some sweet dance moves:


Proof that Republicans and Jackasses can get along: ;-) <--- please notice the wink!


Special thanks to Arkansas wedding photographer Dale Benfield for second shooting with me as well as providing chauffeur services while I was in his home state. Be sure to check his blog for more images from this fabulous day.

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