A Peek Down the Aisle  SEP 12 09

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Alissa and Matt's wedding was a mix of joy, romance, and a whole lot of love.  Just before the ceremony was to begin I was capturing some of the details, when all of the flower girls happened to walk in for a peek down the aisle. How precious is this moment!


I caught this candid laugh just before Alissa and the ladies went outside for their photos... I love the joy!

And the joy was contagious!!

Meanwhile, Matt was getting ready with the boys.

Did I say 'boys' - as in, plural? Yeah, seventeen of them I believe! How cool to be surrounded by all of your best friends!

Denver Design Works, along with Faye Gardenswartz, did an unbelievable job designing this ballroom for the ceremony. It was like a dream...

And once the wedding began, it got even better. Here are Matt and his brother, waiting to see Alissa.

And here she comes.

One of my favorite parts of a Jewish Wedding is when the bride walks around the groom. It's so sweet and happy, I just love these little moments. The smiles, the glances...





After the ceremony we snuck outside for just a few minutes. We were in the heart of Denver, Colorado and so we went with it - capturing Alissa and Matt out amidst the city.



And then...

A-m-a-z-i-n-g-! Denver Design Works made Alissa and Matt's dreams a reality and this was a party for the ages!

Right off the bat it was time for the Hora!

And then followed 6 or 7 hours of non-stop-dancing-the-night-away. I've got to say, the DJs from Red Shoe L.A. were hands down the best I've ever heard!

Alissa and Matt both have some moves!



I think the only time things slowed down enough for them to take a little break was when it was time for a few toasts. Look how happy the newlyweds are!


Congrats Alissa and Matt! What a wedding - and an incredible celebration! I wish you both all the best, forever.

treasure this day forever

Special thanks to Kevin Von Qualen, Shannon Kaple, and Lisa Lefringhouse - all great photographers - for all of your assistance!