Picture This  AUG 28 09

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Brittaney and Scott's wedding was totally perfect! Great details, great personalities, fun friends and family and a secret hidden photo spot. Who could ask for more?  Love, love, love those blue shoes!!


Scott getting his ready on.

And Brittaney getting hers on. She looks so serious here, but really, she wasn't. She WAS totally channeling some Marilyn Monroe though. Smoking hot!

First glimpse smiles.

Scott, the first to show off them rockin socks.

Loved Brittaney's bouquet!

Some winks and funny faces.






You MAY remember this shot...does it look familiar? If you aren't sure, check HERE. How funny that we found almost an identical window??

And then proceeded to make some different kind of magic happen with it. These all turned out sooooo cool.



Checkin the time...

...time to see all of the socks!


Some ring radicalness.




Moments after "I do"

Scott's niece was SO cute.

Man, they just can't stop showing off those socks!




Brittaney was super emotional during the dance with her dad.

Aren't those happy smiles to die for?

Some of the wedding party wackiness!


Bombs away!

Yeah, Joel totally grabbed this baby in full yawn.




Brittaney's mom was getting a little feisty! :)



Round 2 on bombs!

Getting a little out of control on the dance floor!

Scott literally had a harem of women guests serenading him on the dance floor. I think he liked it....

....or not. Scott reminding everyone he's married! :)


And a last shot out on the mini-golf course with a Disneyesque castle in the background! What a day!