Michael Jackson Tribute  AUG 16 09

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Huge wedding party - and so much fun!!  All of the sudden this Michael Jackson tune started to spin, and the ladies took over the dance floor. Vanessa owned it - so cool!




Let the celebration begin!


Can you tell Craig was excited!?

Congrats guys! May all your days be filled with the joy you felt on this day!

treasure this day forever

It might be my favorite thing about a wedding day. Seeing all of the family come together to celebrate the start of a new family. Seeing all of the friends, who might as well be a part of the extended family, come together and join in the celebration.

At Vanessa and Craig's wedding this past weekend, there was a lot to celebrate, and a lot of family to witness and cheer. Regular visitors might recall their Denver engagement session which I posted here - where I got to meet Vanessa and Craig and the other beautiful member of their family, Lilly. What a joy to be able to spend the day with them again - on this grandest of occasions - and photograph all the beauty of this new beginning.

Here are a few of Vanessa getting ready...



Dusty Volkel joined me on this one and captured this great image...

Vanessa was so happy and SO ready to get married and celebrate!

Can't wait to photograph Lilly's wedding!!


Don't want to leave the boys out!

I've done lots of weddings at the Lionsgate Dove House - but this was my first time next door at the Gatehouse. I've said it before and I'll say it again - their facilities are beautiful, but it's their staff that is extraordinary. LOVE working with the great people at Lionsgate!!

Vanessa and her Father.... I believe he has a few sons and Vanessa is his only daughter. Can't imagine what this must have felt like for him!!

Lilly was a part of the ceremony as well (and so was the makeup brush!)



Could they be any happier!?