An Indian Sangeet  JUN 29 09

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The Indian Sangeet is a "show" for the bride and groom. Many of the relatives danced, sang, or did skits. We did have a little bit of time to get some quick portraits.  I love this shot in the backyard. Her dress and jewelry were beautiful!


I watched her put the bangles on the morning of the ceremony - it takes awhile to get them all on!

S' beautiful henna tattoos.

The sun was working with us. :)

M was very colorful that night as well. I am just flabbergasted at all of the intricate details in the attire.


S showing off her henna before the festivities started.





These four were funny - some of S' friends from California, they acted out "newlywed" skits.

M and S thought it was hilarious!





After dinner everyone got up on the stage and started dancing!



And finally M and S getting down. That's it for Day 2!