An Amusing Day  JUN 13 09

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We knew going into this session that angel and paul were super fun, smokin hot, and down for just about anything we could dream up.  with a couple like this we had to find a place that could handle the kind of fun we were about to roll out.  angel and paul, meet the santa monica pier.



this is why so many people come to southern california. it's, as fergie says, glamorous.
this is also one of my favorite shots of the day that kim took.


another favorite that kim took... ON A BIKE!

hi, pushing daisies, we stole your color.

kim's better at pitching. i'll let her take it from here.
kimmy's got the spotlight!
wait for it.
oh snap!
audiences love pigeons.
holler back!


paul is sad. he can't smoke upside down.

angel and paul are doing:
a. the cha cha slide
b. the humpty dance
c. da butt



you spin me right round

angel straight up pwned that pier.


not to be outdone, paul followed up angel's hotness with a bit of his own.


the best part about angel and paul is that they balance their excessive hotness with an awesome sense of humor. we LOVE couples that can laugh at themselves, and couples that make us laugh. angel and paul are most definitely in that category.





as seen on their teaser post, angel and paul went all the way (into the water).
thank you angel and paul for being absolutely down for anything. we could not think of a better day than the one we had with you.

lock it up :)