Riding 'Round Town  JUN 02 09

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These two are perfect together. i am so happy that God brought them together. they are both wonderful people that deserve every bit of happiness life has to offer. here are a handful of shots from our fun afternoon in coronado.



see what i mean about her smile. that's love right there.




today's top story in zach's world :)

if you can dream it, you can do it!

dear diary, jackpot.

check that shopping cart rockin the blue steel






i absolutely love this series with brittany's beach cruiser and the schweet longboard skateboard that her grandpa made for her.
these shots prove that brittany and zach are as fun as they are hot.

mmmmm, burger lounge. what? where am i? sorry guys, that place smelled soooo good.
back to you britt and zach :)





i love how happy these two are together. i could literally take pictures of them all day long. sharing and shooting moments like this are the reasons why i love what i do so much.

hey... guys... you're fogging up my lens :)

remember that scene in wayne's world when garth's dream girl walks in and looks him in the eye and he gets knocked back against the jukebox. that's the look zach was going for.
nailed it.

as a general rule, you should never mess with a guy on a powder blue beach cruiser :)

what would a visit to coronado be without getting your toes in the sand?
i don't know, and i don't wanna know :)



again brittany and zach, thank you so much for driving all the way down (in gnarly traffic) to hang out with us in san diego for a bit. we had a shopping cart full of fun with you guys. if this session is any indication, i know you will both have a lifetime of happy memories together. congratulations.
we can't wait to see what images your awesome friends, the lovely jasmine star and the talented mr david jay, come up with at your wedding in october at strawberry farms in irvine. your wedding is going to be amazing!