No Stopping Them  MAY 16 09

from Jared Wilson Photography : site | blog

Jennifer works for Samaritan House. Tim is a Project Officer for renewable and sustainable energy. Individually, they're changing the world. Together, there's no stopping them....



Unless you're a young Australian Shepherd who loves to eat carrots and you can wrap your leash around and around their legs before they can even blink twice. That might slow them down!

Jennifer was getting kisses from both sides.

She thought that was pretty silly....



The doggie had better things to do so we just snapped a few without him.


And then we were off to 'Potagers' - one of Jennifer and Tim's favorite watering holes.


And of course, as you sip wine on a wonderful romantic evening with your fiance at one of your favorite places, you just know that this is the moment when a fly is gonna strike your Chardonnay.

I love Jennifer's smile. As you can see, she wore it all evening.


rad, RAD, RAD! (Gotta give some credit to Daniel Libeskind for this one!)

Hey you two - I had a blast! Congrats on your engagement. I'm SO looking forward to the wedding in September!