Pretty in Purple  APR 26 09

from Josh Solar Photography : site | blog

There are so many things to love about weddings...and every one of those things was on display at Holly & Fritz's wedding yesterday. Joy...Love...Fun...Laughter...Tears...Chuck Taylors... purple ones for the bride.


One last look before the first meeting

Anxiously waiting.

This image pretty much sums up the whole day :)

Pit stop at Berbiglia

Fritz was pretty excited to have his picture taken with Jasper :)

Did I mention all the dudes wore matching Converse Chuck Taylor's? That included the dads :)

Jenny begged me to spot color this image, but it isn't 1999 anymore. Just kidding everyone, Jenny didn't beg me, or even ask me, I just thought it was funny :)

So sweet.

Love Jenny's point of view here.

Holly with the bridesmaids and bridesman (?)

Holly with the Groomsmen

Fritz wants to see your hands :)

The Walter Payton High Five

Then all hell broke loose with the groomsmen. I don't even know how we got here, but we did...

a wide shot to capture all the chaos that was happening...

then a dunk competition broke out.

The scene was just a little different in the girls' room :)

Rings on the turntables. Maybe one of my favorite rings shots ever (I love turntables).

First dance sweetness...

Then the dancing started and never stopped :)

Your guess is as good as mine.

Congrats you two! Enjoy Mexico :)