Groomsmen Talent  APR 10 09

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i think this pretty much says it all. how many people can say an alien came out of one of their groomsmen while they were trying to take post-wedding-ceremony portraits? judy and journee can.


here is the gorgeous judy soaking up some scrumptious san diego sunshine.

one of the coolest parts of our job is getting to see different cultural traditions. here's journee as he arrived to meet judy for their tea ceremony.

um judy... you're perfect. stop stalling journee out and go let him in the house.

after judy and journee's tea ceremony everyone headed over to our lady of mt carmel for their church ceremony.


and God saw that the light was good. and God separated the light from the darkness.
could judy BE any more stunning? (pssst. the answer is no.)

now that judy and journee were officially husband and wife we headed out to have a little fun in the beautiful arched halls of balboa park (along with about 300 other newly wedded couples). don't let this shot fool you, judy and journee's wedding party was anything but a row of robots.

who has more pokemon? :)

shield your eyes kids.

we heart bird cage vails, but we heart judy more!

some people get uncomfortable when i put my lens on their eye. not judy. beauty AND nerves of steel? no wonder journee snapped her up.

the fun didn't stop when we left balboa park. there were lots of games planned during dinner at Jasmine in san diego. this one involved the whole crowd waving their napkins in the air to distract judy while they hid journee. not even 400 people could keep judy from getting her man.
thank you SO much judy and journee for inviting us to share your incredible day. your wedding will be the bar by which all fun is measured. mahalo plenty!
while we're on that topic, we also want to thank your families. everyone there was super kind and welcomed us as if we were part of your ohana. we appreciate that so much! xie xie and mm goy!

in a day full of blessings, we all got a rad surprise during the reception. the lights went out and the jabbawockeez took over the dancefloor. what happened then was nothing short of awesome!

what are we forgetting...
the rings.

mmmmm, delicioso!

because you can never take enough photos in a given 18 hour period, the ohana fun booth was in full effect.