The Whole Gang  APR 01 09

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We headed down to Philly for Christina and Brad's wedding.  The entire wedding party was so great to work with.  We had some fun with the whole gang prior to the ceremony (Christina and Brad saw each other beforehand) and then a Jewish ceremony was followed by dinner and dancing. Here is a very serious, formal portrait in the library. :)


While I was in with the girls doing some getting ready, Joel grabbed the guys and headed out into the dusky street for some portraits.

The nervous first glimpse - we had just enough light to do this outside, which was really cool!



The girls were getting ready to party, and this was BEFORE the ceremony started!



The cocktail hour was held downstairs, leaving me with this great shot!

Christina gets bustled, while Brad patiently waits so we can take just a few more photos of the two of them.

Having some fun in the hallway...

...and in the ceremony room.

So, this shot is particularly funny to me, cause Joel has a thing for ties. He has actually captured almost this exact same shot at 3 weddings so far. Always a bunch of people looking at a tie, or pointing to it, or doing something with it! Ties are just funny!

Showing off the bling, new and old.



I loved this couch.

They were both hanging on for dear life. seriously. :)

EVERYONE had a good time with the horah - here's Brad's parents!

This is the BEST!


Speeches were a trip, and maybe a little embarrassing. This was during Brad's brother's speech.





Love this cake shot, one of my favorites ever!

And a bit tuckered out...