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Blair Weddings is truly a family business. We’re a husband and wife team (or wife and husband team,,, depends on which one of us you ask) who love working together. We ran our office out of our home for years, but we decided to open a commercial location due to an increase in portraiture. However, I still work from home as much as I can, so you’ll still hear my kids in the background when you call.

We don’t know the answers to all of the world’s greatest mysteries. but we do know that there are a lot of ways to describe wedding photography. Each and every one of those descriptions are tired and cheesey. We want you to visit our site, look through our blog and decide for yourself how our work should be described. The description will be different for everybody, as art is subjective. Our work isn’t something we try to describe anymore. We don’t want you to imagine it, we want you to feel it.

We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the dedication and service that they deserve. We want your experience with Blair Weddings to be one that you cannot wait to tell your friends about. We want you to know that the experience is about all about you.

Give us a call or stop by the studio to see if we click. For every couple getting married, there is the right photographer out there. We do not promise that we’re the right one for every couple around, but when we hook up with the couple who likes our style of photography and our method of interaction, the results are magnificent.